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Employment Consulting/Human Resources


Nearly every aspect of hiring people is governed by employment law, and with good reason. There are laws for almost everything ranging from wages, working hours, paid time off, telecommuting, working with independent contractors and providing internships.   At the same time, when you own a business, you have many other responsibilities such as creating a professional atmosphere, keeping track of documents, and being supportive of your employees.    By working with an attorney who is well versed in employment law and who also has the ability to assist you with Human Resources, you can ensure that your company is always current with the law, while also putting policies and procedures in place to run your Company efficiently to keep your in-house expenses down.

Our employment consulting services include:

  • Offer Letters
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employment Policy and Procedure Manuals     
  • Telecommuting Polices/Agreements
  • Confidentiality, Non-compete and Non-solicitation agreements
  • Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements



Employers frequently allow employees to work remotely or from home. However, allowing employees to telecommute is not always possible or some employees will take advantage of the arrangement.  Therefore, employers may want to consider entering into a written telecommuting agreement with their employees. This agreement should contain the specifics of the telecommuting arrangement such as:

  • Which positions are eligible for telecommuting;
  • How to request a telecommuting arrangement;
  • Any restrictions on telecommuting, for instance, if the employer only allows telecommuting a few days each week; and
  • A clear statement that employees who telecommute continue to be responsible for complying with all employer policies and procedures.

 In today’s marketplace, allowing employees to work from anywhere helps attract and retain employees.  By allowing employees the flexibility to work from home while establishing policies and procedure you create a professional atmosphere that is supportive of employees reaching their full potential while also meeting your company’s needs.


While not every new company or small business needs a dedicated Human Resources department, every company is subject to the same laws regarding employment in the state of Florida. By utilizing the services of a business attorney as your employment consultant, you ensure that your business has a reliable person with employment law experience who can be consulted when you are in need of legal guidance. 

Attorney Melody Cobbe provides employment and Human Resources consultation to business owners in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. When you need help with the legal side of employee relations, let her put her experience in business law to work for your company.

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