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What Are Corporate Travel Policies?

As lockdowns lift and borders reopen, companies are trying to figure out travel policies for their businesses. Many companies are re-evaluating travel policies, considering travel policies that regulate employee travel for personal and work-related reasons, and implementing policies that address the consequences of employee travel to areas that are at high risk for COVID-19 transmission.

But first, what is a Travel Policy? A travel policy is part of the Company’s rules and procedures that describe how their employees should approve, book, and expense travel. While your policy should reflect the unique needs of your business and employees, you may want to consider establishing rules for these fundamental areas:

  • Airline, train, hotel and rental car reservations;
  • Use of other transportation, such as taxi cabs, Uber, or Lyft.
  • Rules for on-site spending (meals and entertainment);

Employee Travel During COVID-19

During these times, Employers may need to be informed of where employees are traveling, even if the location is not a high-risk area at the time the employee departs for his or her trip. Since the identification of areas as high risk may change on a day-to-day basis, a Company travel policy tells employees of the consequences of traveling. Companies should apply its policy consistently so that employees traveling to areas with similar risks levels are treated the same.

Overall, your travel policy should set clear Company expectations for your employees about the approval process for travel, the system for the payment of any expenses incurred during travel, and explain the policies surrounding travel during COVID-19 times.

Whether you currently do not have a travel policy or have one that may be outdated, Melody Cobbe is happy to help navigate the intricacies of this important document for your business!

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