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In today’s marketplace, allowing employees to work from anywhere has always been seen as a way to attract and retain employees. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses transitioned to remote working; regardless of whether they were ready to or not. With the end of the pandemic (to some extent) in sight, employers have several important decisions to make. Do you require employees to return to the office on a full-time basis? Do you allow employees to continue working 100% remotely? Are you offering a hybrid of both? And if you are looking to keep a work from home program in place, have you reviewed and updated your remote work policy?

In order to make sure all employees understand what is required from them when they work remotely, businesses should have specific guidelines.

The key elements of work from home policy, include:
  • Developing clear technology guidelines which also requires using a secure connection;
  • Observing data security protocols
  • Setting clear expectations for meetings, work hours, and schedules

By establishing corporate procedures surrounding a remote work policy, business create a professional atmosphere that is supportive of employees reaching their full potential while also meeting your Company’s needs.

Questions about your remote working policy? Melody Cobbe is happy to help navigate the elements on this new aspect of your business.

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