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Landlord and Tenant Consulting

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a bad rental situation can be financially and emotionally debilitating. While both those who own properties and those who do the renting have rights and responsibilities as set forth in the rental contract, enforcing that contract from either side is not always as simple as it should be. When rental disputes arise, it doesn’t matter which side of the rental relationship you are on; you need an attorney who can help you determine your best course of action under the law.


When you act as a landlord, consulting an attorney with experience in the rental industry before you begin renting a property can save you a lot of headache later on. If your rental contract is solid, you should have the legal support you need to force a tenant to pay their rent, to follow the rules of the property, or to evict that tenant if they refuse to meet the terms of the rental agreement. At the very least you have a strong basis for fighting the tenant’s complaints or failure to uphold their responsibilities in court.


Most rental contracts are pretty much the same, so, if you have ever rented before, you expect to see certain things in the contract in regards to deposits, payment deadlines, and damages to the property. If a rental contract has anything in it you have not seen before, or that seems excessive, you should never sign it without consulting an attorney who can help you understand the legal aspects of the contract. If you face eviction for nonpayment of your rent, or for breaking property rules, an attorney can also help you fight your eviction.


If you need to evict a tenant for failing to pay their rent or for breaking the rules of your property, or you have been threatened with eviction or had the eviction process started against you, you need an attorney who can help you determine if you are legally in the right and your best possible option for fighting your landlord or tenant in court.

Attorney Melody Cobbe represents landlords and tenants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. If you have a rental contract, you have a legal right to enforce the points laid out with that contract. Melody will help you fight for your rights as a landlord or tenant.

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